About Guruji

Sri Sri Santoshi Baba, Founder of Arogyam Shakti Pharmaceutical Pvt Ltd, Divine Art, Sri Sri Santoshi Baba Foundation! Santoshi Baba Ji is a boundless seeker of Bhagwati since childhood.
After education, Shri Baba Ji came to Delhi in 2006 and worked for a few months in a bank, but Shri Baba Ji's spiritual thinking was very serious.
Used to spend a lot of time in sadhna and silence, and because of the huge crowd of people, there were obstacles in the sadhna, then Shri Baba Ji asked him to come to the banks of the Ganges.
Thought of this and came to Brajghat in 2009 till 2013 by living on the banks of river Ganges, living in silence and eating fruits and doing many sadhnas and got knowledge of Ayurveda by the guidance and company of saints.

In 2013, at the Allahabad Kumbh, Baba Shri received honors from many institutions, blessings from saints, was decorated with the title of Jagatguru by Sarvabhom Sanatan Dharma Mahasabha, World Parliament of Religions! after that
Baba Shree engaged in the work of spreading religion and world peace, got confused and hoisted the flag of Sanatan Dharma by propagating religion not only in the country of Baba Shree but also in foreign countries.
And along with this, he has also taken up the task of running a social NGO, in which the poor and the needy can be helped! Arrangement of free food for the poor in Chandigarh, poor in Garhmukteshwar and
Free cremation of dead bodies of Lavariso, free yoga camp for people, arrangement of free warm clothes for the poor and many other services which are being given free of cost by Shri Baba Ji's Foundation for the upliftment of the people.
And many states of the country have also encouraged and decorated Baba Ji for the social work of Shri Santoshi Baba Ji.