धर्म की जय हो, अधर्म का नाश हो ।

प्राणियों में सद्भावना हो, विश्व का कल्याण हो ।

गौ वध बंद हो, भारत अखंड हो |

जीवन के उच्च आदर्श अपने हृदय में धरो, गौवंश की सेवा और रक्षा करो|









Past and Ongoing Work

Mission to Save Gau Mata

Gau Seva Dham

Cow service is considered the ultimate duty of man. Today thousands of cow mothers need us. Cow mother needs timely meditation and surgery from time to time. In this way, it is the duty of all of us that together we can give a better and healthy life to our mother cow.

Gau Lok Dham

We all are slaves of that God. We all have to get immersed in the five elements one day. Our mother cow should be sent off from this world with good manners. In the Indian society, importance has been given to the service done in the last moments of life. The last rites of mother cow should be done according to law.

Gau Hospital

Society for the treatment of accident and sick cows. Everyone's cooperation is needed for the hospital, by taking at least two acres of land, a team of experienced doctors, surgeons, ultrasound, X-ray etc. will be provided for the treatment of cows, along with the facilities for the maintenance of many cows. 

Research Center

There is a need to set up a 'Gau-Science Research Centre' to promote cow-based products. 'Gau-Vigyan Anusandhan Kendra' will be dedicated to research and development on the role of cows and their progeny in the betterment of human life.


Cow servants get fruitful from the service of mother cow. He takes care of the mother's health with affection. Arrangement of place for the stay of all cow servants is essential. So that he can continue his service towards mother cow. Today, so many cow descendants have come out to serve their mother after being disenchanted with their homes, in such a way arrangements for their stay are necessary. It is necessary to build an ashram for their food arrangements. Our mother cow should not be left loose on the roads. People should respect him and more and more people should be associated with cow service and keep their love for cows.

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