भ्रुण हत्या


Feticide is considered a crime in Hinduism. Hinduism places a high value on the sanctity of life and the importance of treating all forms of life with respect and dignity. Feticide, or the intentional termination of a pregnancy, is seen as a violation of this principle and as an act of violence against a vulnerable and innocent life.

In Hinduism, the fetus is believed to be a form of life that deserves protection, and feticide is seen as a serious breach of the moral and ethical principles that govern human behavior. Hinduism teaches that all life is sacred and interconnected, and that individuals have a responsibility to protect and preserve life, not to take it away.

Furthermore, Hinduism views the termination of a pregnancy as a disruption of the natural cycle of birth and death, and as a violation of the divine plan for life. It is considered a serious breach of trust, as the parents have a responsibility to care for and protect the child from the moment of conception.

In conclusion, feticide is considered a crime in Hinduism, as it violates the sanctity of life and the principles of compassion, responsibility, and respect for all forms of life.



In the year 2014, while going from Brajghat to Haldwani with Shri Santoshi Baba's convoy, he stayed at Bhakt Amar Singh Rathore's house at Bypass Lodhipuri.
As soon as the information was received in the area, people gathered in large numbers and people welcomed Guruji by garlanding him with flowers.
Devotees visited Guru ji and after listening to the problems of the devotees, Guru ji solved them.
Sant Santoshi Nandan ji said that those who kill female fetus will go to hell because the girl child is the Lakshmi of the house.
In the house where the girl child is disrespected, there is no grace of Lakshmi in that house.
It is said that in the house where the female daughter is not respected, not a single moment stays in that place.
During this, Santoshi Baba said that in this Kalyug, the service of the cow is self-love, by the service of the mother cow, all the gods and goddesses can be seen.
Santoshi Baba said that stop feticide, clean Ganga, and the glory of Maa Santoshi has to reach every house