गरीबों की मदद

Helping Poor

Helping poor people is considered important in Hinduism for several reasons:

  1. Dharma: Hindus believe that one of the primary purposes of life is to fulfill dharma, which includes acts of charity and helping those in need. This is seen as a way to maintain balance and harmony in society and to demonstrate compassion for others.

  2. Karma: Hindus believe that good deeds, including acts of charity, will result in positive karma, which can have positive effects in future lives.

  3. Compassion: Hinduism places a strong emphasis on the importance of compassion and helping those who are less fortunate. This is seen as a way to demonstrate the value of non-violence, love, and compassion.

  4. Spirituality: Helping the poor is also considered to be a spiritual practice that can help individuals to purify their hearts and minds, and to develop a closer relationship with God.

  5. Social responsibility: In Hinduism, individuals have a responsibility to help their community and to ensure that everyone has access to the basic necessities of life.

Therefore, helping the poor is not only seen as a moral obligation, but also as a spiritual practice that can lead to personal growth and a closer relationship with the divine.

Param Pujya Saint Jagatguru Shri Shri Santoshi Baba came face to face with the Mail correspondent. He said during this time that my life is for social service and help the poor, destitute, unhappy people by leaving the society's illusions.
This is the biggest charity, it is service, don't be tempted by the world's drug addicts, concentrate on good deeds Santoshi Baba told his purpose that the purpose of my life
Serving food to poor, destitute, disabled people, marriage of poor girls, cow protection
Creating awareness for the environment in which there is no natural disaster, helping poor children in their studies